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Fiat Tipo Motability SW

The new Tipo Station Wagon, enhanced with Magic Cargo Space: simple, flexible and functional. It was designed to make your life easier and give you all the comfort and space you need. A large space with your whole family where everything fits: starting with the 550-litre boot Cargo Space through to the interior where everyone can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Fiat Tipo SW

ModelAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
Tipo SW Easy 1.4 95 hp
£0 £59
Tipo SW Easy Plus 1.4 95 hp£99 T/A
Tipo SW Easy Plus 1.4 120 hp
£949 T/A
Tipo SW Easy Plus 1.6 120 hp£2,149 T/A
Tipo SW Easy Plus 1.6 120 hp Auto£2,649 T/A
Tipo SW Lounge 1.4 95 hp£249 T/A
Tipo SW Lounge 1.4 120 hp£1,149 T/A
Tipo SW S-Design 1.4 120 hp£449 T/A

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Have any further questions about the Fiat Tipo Station Wagon or the Motability Scheme? If so, please give us a ring on 01782 622141 to speak to one of our Motability Specialists, or use the form below. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.