Fiat Finance from BS Marson in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire

As well as being authorised by Fiat to provide the full range of new cars, the BS Marson team is here to advise you on car finance.

Using a lease, PCP or hire purchase agreement to secure the vehicle you need means payments can be spread out to make them more manageable. Depending on the type of agreement you have, you will either own the car at the end of the term or return it with no further obligations.

During any finance plan, you can continue to rely on us whenever you need more support, servicing, Fiat accessories or anything else. Trust our Fiat technicians to work within any applicable warranties and keep your vehicle in the best possible condition.

We give you several options and the freedom to tailor your finance to better meet your needs. Below, you can read more and compare the three most popular types of vehicle finance: Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase, and Personal Contract Hire.

For more information on any Fiat model and the finance agreements available, please contact one of our BS Marson & Sons Fiat dealerships on: 01782 622141

Please see our finance options below

Hire Purchase

To eventually own the Fiat you want, a Hire Purchase plan is typically the most suitable option. Make a deposit, followed by regular monthly installments for the length of the agreement. There is usually no need to set a mileage limit when arranging Hire Purchase. Read more about Hire Purchase agreements.

Hire Purchase


Personal Contract Purchase

Similarly to Hire Purchase, with Personal Contract Purchase agreements you pay a deposit and make monthly payments. The difference is that you have more options when the term ends. Make the final payment to own the car, return it, or make a part exchange for another model. You can learn more about Personal Contract Purchase here on our website.


Personal Contract Hire

Leasing on a long-term basis can be more cost-effective with a Personal Contract Hire plan. The monthly payments are often lower than on other types of car finance, and you return the vehicle at the end. See how Personal Contract Hire could be the right kind of car finance for you here.