Fiat Personal Contract Hire Finance

Fiat Personal Contract Hire

You can select a Fiat from BS Marson & Sons on a Personal Contract Hire (PCH) agreement. This type of car finance is one of the most flexible, and is a popular option for leasing one vehicle at a time.

PCH is only suited to motorists who wish to lease or hire a vehicle for a set period. There is no option to own the model at the end of the agreement. The advantages include the ability to enjoy the use of a car without worrying about potential depreciation in value. You also avoid the added stress of attempting to sell the vehicle on at the end of the term.

Monthly payments are often lower than on car loans and alternative finance options, as well as the required deposit. Typical agreement lengths are as short as two to four years. As with Personal Contract Purchase plans, PCH terms involve setting a mileage limit when the finance agreement is being made. Exceeding this limit could result in penalty fees.

When the term ends, you simply return the vehicle. This then gives you the opportunity to start another finance contract on a different car. Drivers who take out a PCH agreement must ensure that they have comprehensive vehicle insurance, as this is typically not included in the terms. You continue to benefit from our expert servicing and advice during your lease.

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