Abarth FAQs

Are Abarth cars reliable?

Abarth cars are generally considered to be reliable. Made by Fiat, which has featured in the top 15 manufacturers for reliability in several recent surveys, they are well made and capable vehicles.

Where are Abarth cars made?

Abarth cars are currently manufactured in Tychy in Poland.

Which is the best Abarth car?

The best Abarth car for you depends on your particular preferences. The current range includes variations of the 595 model, as well as the 695 Rivale, all of which offer their own unique style, punch performance and advanced technology. For help with finding your ideal Abarth, contact us at BS Marson today.

Who makes Abarth cars?

Abarth is a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, who control the production of its models in Europe.

Are Abarth and Fiat the same?

Many of the Abarth models are based on the popular Fiat 500, but there are differences between the two. The Abarth, for example, is more powerful and features sportier design cues, as well as featuring slightly different kit – such as bucket seats and metal pedals – as standard.

Where can I find Abarth’s latest promotions?

You can find the latest Abarth promotions on our new car offers page, which features the most up to date deals. Alternatively, give us a call to find out more about the available offers.

With Abarth i-Deal there is a fixed mileage. What happens if I exceed my fixed limit?

If you’ve exceeded your annual mileage limit, you will need to pay an excess charge when you come to return the Abarth. This is calculated on a pence-per-mile basis. As such, we recommend overestimating your mileage slightly at the beginning of the agreement for your peace of mind.

Who can service Abarth cars?

For maximum quality and your own peace of mind, we recommend getting your Abarth serviced by an approved dealer, such as BS Marson. This way, you can be sure your warranty continues to be valid and that any repairs are made with genuine Abarth parts, ensuring the ongoing reliability and performance of your vehicle.

What Abarth finance is available?

Here at BS Marson, we offer a range of finance options for Abarth vehicles. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is a popular option with our customers, but to discover the full range of plans available, contact our sales team today.

Is Abarth available on Motability?

Selected Abarth cars are available on the Motability Scheme here at BS Marson. Take a look at our Motability page to find out more, or give out Motability specialist a call for full details on the scheme itself and our current models.

How long is the Abarth new car warranty?

As with Fiat cars, the Abarth warranty lasts 24 months from the date of first registration, and covers repair or replacement of defective parts, labour costs and the price of the necessary consumables. A further 12 months’ Retailer Warranty is then added, which dates from the delivery date of your vehicle, making the full warranty a total of 36 months.

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