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Abarth Personal Contract Hire offers

If you desire the use of a brand-new Fiat or Abarth but don’t fancy the hassle that comes with ownership, Personal Contract Hire (PCH) represents a good option. It’s an affordable form of car leasing, which begins with a modest deposit amount – and fixed monthly payments thereafter, which take care of rental costs and depreciation.


  • Monthly payments tend to be lower compared with other types of car financing
  • You won’t be charged if the vehicle loses more value than anticipated
  • Once the agreement comes to end, simply hand in the keys and walk away – or begin another PCH agreement, which will allow you to select a brand-new Fiat or Abarth


  • No option to buy the car (which is why many motorists choose PCH)
  • Each PCH vehicle comes with an annual mileage limit, usually 5,000 miles – you may incur charges if the limit is exceeded
  • You will likely be charged for any damages that occur during the course of the agreement

Feel free to speak to a salesperson here at BS Marson to discuss further options.