Fiat 600 Hybrid

FIAT presents the new Fiat 600 Hybrid, the electrified Italian upgrade

  • FIAT is always relevant: the new 600 is also hybrid for those few countries where the conversion to electric is still at a slower pace.
  • New 600 Hybrid is equipped with advanced hybrid technology: customer can enjoy a smooth and real electric driving experience.
  • The new MHEV Mild-Hybrid engine ensures reduced fuel consumption and up to 15%* lower CO2 emissions compared to a pure ICE engine with automatic transmission,and improved vehicle dynamics.
  • The new 600 Hybrid, together with the electric new Fiat 600e, mark the return of FIAT in the B segment.

After the official presentation of the new Fiat 600e at Lingotto on July 4th, FIAT announces a hybrid version that will be available starting from 2024: the new Fiat 600 Hybrid. FIAT demonstrates once more its relevance: the new 600 in fact will be available only electric or electrified, and the hybrid version for those few countries where the conversion to electric is still at a slower pace.

Olivier Francois, FIAT CEO and Stellantis Global CMO, commented: “Our strategic vision remains full electric and all-electric 500 being the bestselling BEV city car in Europe fuels our determination to pursue and make electric truly accessible to all. However, we also shall stay relevant in those countries such as Italy, our domestic market, where full electric hasn’t yet really taken off.  

​Therefore, for these selected countries, together with the new 600 full electric, we will offer a high-spec hybrid that will hopefully open the door to a more electrified world.”

​Damien Dally, FIAT UK Managing Director, added: “It’s extremely exciting that we’re adding a high spec hybrid that will open the door to a more electric world for many people who can’t quite shift to electric yet. Butit’s key to underline that we’ll never do a 600 with a traditional ICE set-up – it will only ever be full electric or hybrid".

“The move to electrification has stalled, particularly for retail buyers, since the removal of the government grant last summer.That is why FIAT reacted in June this year and introduced the FIAT e-Grant on the award winning all-electric 500, a £3,000 incentive to help drivers make the switch the electric, making it more accessible than before.’’

The new Fiat 600 Hybrid – Technology

The Hybrid is a smart and user-friendly solution with a rising demand from customers. In fact, they will be offered the pleasure of the new 600 in a “P2” hybrid package: 100 hp, only 110* to 114g* of estimated CO2 (provisional pre homologation figures).

The Hybrid powertrain will be launched on two trim levels: the new Fiat 600 Hybrid La Prima, the most exclusive version, and the new Fiat 600 Hybrid, the most accessible version.

The MHEV engine fitted to the new Fiat 600 Hybrid is the finest expressionof technology and secures comfort and performances. Thanksto this advanced technology, the new600 Hybrid offers a real hybrid experience, allowing the customer to enjoyan ultra-smooth and electric driving experiencenot only when traveling in the city under 20mph, but also on urban and country.

The vehicle provides a smooth driving experience thanks to the belt starter that ensures a silent and efficient transition between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor.

The secret of the performance lies in the synergy between the 3-cylinder 1.2-litre ICE engine that can deliver up to 100 hp, the 48-Volt Li-ion battery and the new 6-speed electric dual-clutch transmission which includes the 21-kW e-motor, inverter, and transmission central unit, providing the bestoptimisation in terms ofcompaction.

The "extra” electric power improves elasticity at low RPM and during take-off,providing the driver a quiet start and prompt response, with transparent and fast transitions. Moreover, this technology

allows energy recovering as the vehicle slows down. In normal driving conditions, the engine is designed to optimise fuel consumption and save up to 15%of CO2 emissions compared to a pure ICE engine with automatic transmission, also thanks to the Miller Cycle, and only 110* to 114g* of estimated CO2 that make it competitive with other brands.


The brilliant new Fiat 600 Hybrid featuresacceleration to 62 mph in justabout 11* seconds and a practically instantaneous torque delivery from the e-motor. The performance of the combustion engine is therefore quickly supported when restarting and performance is optimised, mitigating the “turbolag” effect and ensuring ready responsiveness to pressure on the accelerator pedal.

Similarly, if starting up in pure electric mode, the combustion engine is ignited to assist in the demand for power.

Driving electric

The hybrid power supply has multiple advantages, not least in startup in 100% electric mode (e-launch): smooth and silent.. Likewise, the electric motor improves the vehicle’s efficiency and dynamics, allowing the car to travel with the internal combustion engine turned off in certain situations. This mode is activated during city driving under 20 mph, with 0.6 miles of full electric range on urban and country roads.

Electric-only power supply can also be used for the e-creeping function, which is used to make a series of short movements forward with no pressure on the accelerator—for example, in a traffic jam (e-queueing). The car can also be parked in 100% electric mode, either in first gear or in reverse (e- parking). Additionally, the hybrid power supply is designed to recover energy during deceleration.

The advantages of this technology are immediate: lower consumption and emissions and more respect for the environment. Less noise pollution and more comfort and fun, thanks to the fluidity of the electric dual clutch transmission and the responsiveness of the power supply.

These features provided by the new technology on the new Fiat 600 give an extra boost to everyday life, are easy to use, and able to meet everyone’s needs in terms of freedom of movement.

The new Fiat 600 Hybrid, the electrified Italian upgrade

The new Fiat 600 takes the best of the B and B-SUV worlds to offer a beautiful, joyful, and pampered driving experience, marking the brand’s return to the B-segment. It is the ideal solution for city lovers and the perfect embodiment of the brand’s values of Italian style and sustainability.

Cool and beautiful, the new Fiat 600 Hybrid provides plenty of size at 4.17 meters length, features five-doors, comfortably fits five people and 15 litres of interior storage, with best-in-class front storage and a trunk with 385 litres of load capacity.

Perfectly suited to those young customers looking for an eco-friendly mobility solution, the entry version new Fiat 600 Hybrid features the exclusive recycled-fabric seats with white accents and a matte black bio-based plastic dashboard fascia (final configuration for the UK market still to be confirmed).

The new Fiat 600 Hybrid La Prima offers 100% style, tech, and comfort to ensure an immersive Italian Dolce Vita experience. Packed with state-of-the-art safety and assistance features, it brings all the associated benefits to urban and extra-urban mobility with Level 2 Assisted Driving.

Inside, both versions are characterised by a dedicated HMI with specific colour for power meter energy flow, paddle shifters to allow changing gears when in manual mode, and e-Auto OFF to stop ICE inhibition through the radio screen.

Connected services: two new packs for more driving comfort

The new Fiat 600 Hybrid offers its customers two packages of connected services: Connect One and Connect PLUS.Focused primarily on security needs, Connect ONE - already included with the purchase of the vehicle – offers both assistance and emergency call services, but also valuable information providing monthly data on the health of the vehicle.

The Connect PLUS pack is designed to make the driving experience both onboard and offboard more comfortable. It includes navigation services, features to remotely manage the vehicle via the FIAT app, to monitor the driving style and more.

The new Fiat 600 Hybrid also offers something new that is relevant for our times: Trip Report. With this feature it is possible to analyse the driving habits and improve the impact on consumptions, by evaluating their environmental footprint and the impact of their driving style on the health of the vehicle.

The Fiat 600 Hybrid will come to the UK later in 2024. More details to follow.

* Listed data are based on estimations; official data may change due to homologation.